80s sex video : "Giselas Liebesabenteuer In Rom"


Name: Giselas Liebesabenteuer In Rom

With her divorced dad bossing her around, and her boyfriend J├╝rgen cheating on her, Verena elopes to Rome to stay with her friend Piera. Piera's guy Giovanni takes a keen interest in her, and soon the two try each other out, but a swinging party shows that he basically likes to shag anything that moves. When Verena's dad arrives in Rome to fetch his girl, he is distracted by the French Au Pair Beatrice, who is no longer on Giovanni-duty. Back in Germany, one of Verena's new Roman friends comes to visit (the gay arts teacher Nero). Verena shows him around, but when invited to a party he is horrified to find out that the event is simply a free-for-all orgy.

Categories: 80s sex video, 1982, Germany, German, Marina Hedman, Christine Black, Guia Lauri Filzi


Actress: Marina Hedman,Christine Black,Guia Lauri Filzi


Year: 1982

Duration: 79 min

Language: German

Country: Germany

80s sex video : "Giselas Liebesabenteuer In Rom"

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


80s sex video1982GermanyGermanMarina HedmanChristine BlackGuia Lauri Filzi

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